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Men like to see signs of their ownership and possession on their property. Pictures of girls taking a shower. She puts on her ballet boots for the camera, then proceeds to handcuff herself into a tight spot! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Male sex slave tumblr. This fantasy is about giving you all the sexual power, so your pleasure must come first. Kurt also professed he conditioned himself to feel pleasure from consuming large quantity of liquid. Sexy girls tumblr. If you want to cast your vote for next weeks drawing follow me punchdrunkey.

Blowjobs make men happy and happy men make girls happy. The Goddess says She needs to be tougher on him, that he has had it too easy. I was just savouring the moment when he begged me to verbally degrade and humiliate him while providing his service. The ever glowing bulge on his crouch was as good of indication as any. It is only by Her benevolence and kindness to Her slave that She even considers the latter.

He does belong to mounted division after all. Just be sure to play safe!

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Give feedback on the impact at female-orgasm-denial. Www big ass hot sex. Just tell him what you want, and watch him go all out. At first he probably thought nothing of it but by the fourth time our eyes met, he must have realized why I was following him around.

My small home town was hit with a huge economic downfall last year. Would you ever be interested in a fuckpig like the one in the picture you recently posted or would that be below you? Stop choking her long enough to fishhook her mouth; make her look stupid and ugly, and tell her she looks stupid and ugly.

For me, when I get married, I want to be very clear about what consent means to me. Male sex slave tumblr. Ford into sex slave of my liking. He felt silent and I knew he was looked at me with eyes full of lust.

I was surrounded by strangers and bored out of my mind. Of course the Goddess may do anything She pleases but if this were the case the slave would prefer to be locked up; that way he could at least be the cuckold slave. Sexy chick tumblr. Certainty that if he under-performs or inattentive he will be punished, if he is deemed to be disrespectful to The Goddess or Women in general then he must pay the price.

He looked directly into my lustful eyes and put a faint smile on his face. The sense of service.

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I knew I had a very special DILF on my hand when he just looked up to me with eyes full of lust, while continuously working on my shaft. If he can get past the first point of temptation he develops a mindset that is easier to resist when challenged by circumstance and the ensuing erection.

Why would someone like Mr. By beating his rump when She visits or by locking up Her cock. Corporal Punishment Admit it, you want him to be your whipping boy. The standard dick pic request has soon escalated to jerk off pics. Male sex slave tumblr. If all else fails, order him to come up with his own punishments. He never broke eye contact as he was engaged in this crazy deviant act, being completely submissive to a total stranger.

No, it is not my natural state to surrender to Men. Sex swing picture. This makes my cunt wetter than my girlfriend does. Or, you may make him memorize specific commands. His eyes rolled all the way around, began crying, drooling from his mouth and started to shiver.

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