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I want to hear what is going on in the world not a third of the news with laughing. Vegas topless tumblr. You all probably voted for Obama too! She looks so Hot and fantastic. Robin meades ass. To all Robin commenters on this page: Danica Patrick Bikini Swimsuit photos. That would be a step up.

Love your newscasting in the morning. Milf big tits pictures. I also cant stand the weatherman that they have. She has fun doing her job along with carlos , jennifer, and the whole team. Get rid of her and give Susan Hendricks her shot. Our number one, hands down — for at least two reasons.

I was going to leave a comment about exactly this point, but since you already put it so eloquently you saved me the trouble. Seams like every time I did watch her she was constantly promoting her county album. She was in sweats, and appeared as though she had just finished working out.

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I figure she is just eye candy, and has to dumb things down for the american viewer that watches her drivel. Nude poonam pandey. There are so many freak shows on t. Robin Meade looks like Barney in drag…. Robin Meade is no different than anyone else that gets up and goes to work for a living everyday and tries to be happy. Robin meades ass. I turn to CNN to get my early morning news. Her eyebrows go all wonky; up down center, her eyes balls go every which way and her mouth torks from side to side with intermittent fake looking smiles all while shes exasperating each word.

You are a moron too……typical shallow idiot…. I sit there thinking…. Regular wives tumblr. I am ashamed and embarrased that this is the American idea of morning news. Hyperbole to the max with this one. Or Susan Hendricks or Lynn Berry or anyone else but her. I have credentials and an attitude about the business.

This was again in the present where people were leaving teddy bears and balloons. Robin meades ass. From her freakish fake boobs to her small market talent and manly Brenda Vaccaro voice. Cronkite, Kuralt, Downs, even razor lipped Tom Brokaw was okay.

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NOW, that will bring in ratings. Not many good news stations on in the morning so I do watch Robin. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I do not think Robin graduated from college. The one on Morning Express is by no means Intelligent!! One of the best pairs of legs in the business. Robin meades ass. Some of you need to get over yourself, seriously. Robin Meade is a cartoon. Free naked pictures of black women. She is so FAKE!! She may have hair extensions and veneers, and etc.

One might be forgiven for thinking that the main criteria for fronting the major news channels in this country are possession of good legs and a sufficient lack of shame in having them spread all over the comfortable studio seating during a live broadcast. She has no excuse for sitting on that show and not being completely prepared and competent.

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